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Why choose us for your piercing and jewelry needs?

If you are tired of jewelry always falling out, piercings not healing and always getting "infected", then there is usually a reason why. We might be a little bit more than what you're used to, but if you go the cheap route you will always end up paying more than getting quality jewelry and service the first time.


Please Read All Info Prior To Booking Your Piercing (No Dermal Piercings)

Make sure to have valid photo ID. If you don’t have proper government issued identification you will be turned away with loss of appointment and deposit.  We DO NOT pierce with outside jewelry. If you bring in jewelry for a change, we reserve the right to not use said jewelry if we deem it will be detrimental to the health of your piercing and body. 

Please click here to read our policy on under age piercings.

Remember, ALL SALES ARE FINAL, please 
choose carefully.

If you want a piercing service, we prefer appointments but walk-ins are ALWAYS welcome. DAILY WALK-IN AVAILABILITY IS ALWAYS POSTED HERE. If you decide to just walk in without checking, service is NOT always guaranteed. There might be a wait. We do not answer the phone.

Piercing prices can be found on the book now link below. (You do not have to book to see prices.)

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