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In 24hrs remove your bandage. DO NOT REBANDAGE TATTOO.

Wash your hands and use your hand to gently clean your tattoo. Use mild soap (castile, dove, or equivalent) and lukewarm water to gently clean off any dried blood and excess ink.  

Pat tattoo dry with clean towel or allow to air dry. 

If you purchased tattoo care, gently rub a small amount into your tattoo. Use the tattoo care multiple times a day to keep your tattoo moisturized. Use it until it is all gone. If no care was purchased, put a very thin coat of ointment on tattoo. DO NOT USE NEOSPORIN!! ( Aquaphor or A&D work very well).

Use ointment sparingly for the next two days up to ten times a day. DO NOT GLOB OINTMENT ON!

On the third day begin using lotion (Lubriderm lotion works very well) as needed to keep your tattoo moist. That means as few as three but as much as 10 times a day.  

Your tattoo will begin to from a very thin layer of skin, use lotion to keep tattoo moist.

Your tattoo will begin to flake off within a couple of weeks. DON’T PEEL, PICK, OR SCRATCH YOUR TATTOO!! If you do, you’ll mess up your tattoo! Just let the skin peel off on its own.

Your tattoo will probably itch like crazy while healing, don’t scratch it! Just hang in there!

The complete healing process generally takes about 4-6 weeks. You’ll know your tattoo is completely healed when it is no longer shiny. 

DO NOT…• Don’t pick or scratch tattoo• Don’t immerse tattoo in water while scabbing (NO baths (showers only), swimming, Jacuzzis, etc.)• No tight clothing• No direct sunlight. Once tattoo heals, wear a sunblock when exposed. Sun fades tattoos over time.• Remember, everyone’s body is different, so healing times and process may differ slightly. Also, the intensity of the tattoo may alter healing times.

We've done our part; now do yours. Email us if you have any questions or concerns and consult with your artist before listening to your friends about what to do to your tattoo.

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